Scatha – Dragonborn Fighter

The deck of the Time of Indulgence was quiet, the sea air was still. The ship leaned and hemmed with each new wave. A young dragonborn sat on the edge, his scales the color of the water below and his eyes as dark as the depths. He worked intently, lubricating each scale of his armor with an oil given to him by the ships cook. A fairly inexperienced deckhand, he was given the task of watching the horizon on the port side, the few sailors still awake snickered to themselves as they watched his labor. His young mind wandered to years before.

 He sat on a raft with Jorath Songsail, his adopted father, a simple fishmonger. They worked pulling in the nets and loading barrels with fish for tomorrows market. They exchanged nothing more than a smile and sang one of the many tunes they used to pass the time and make the work easier. Scatha’s egg was pulled up in one of these very nets. This brought much joy to Songsail and from the day this large egg had hatched, he treated Scatha like his own. He had no wife, and no son of his own, but this brought life back to his old frame. Scatha’s father taught him to fish, while the village blacksmith taught him to wield a sword. His large, four fingered claw-hands made wielding a one handed weapon difficult, but in his tenth year he was given a greatsword that was nearly a foot taller than him. As he grew, he became a competent fighter, if a bit undisciplined and lacking the poise of a properly trained warrior.

 Five years have passed and Scatha buried his father just a few months before, singing the last song to ever leave his lips. Their fishing raft was sold for a set of scale armor and he left home. It was time to make his own mark on the world. Gaining employment as a deckhand, he set out to experience more than his small village and surrounding waters could offer. Earlier in the day, one of the sailors shared with him an old warrior secret – fish oil protected armor from the sea air and made it lighter when in water. The other sailors knew the smell would be an easy trade for the laughs this prank would bring them. The fish oil would do nothing but clog the noses of those around him for weeks to come.